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Artists, cultural workers, and other creatives reveal the truth of our past and present, bridging divides and imagining what a multiracial democracy looks like. Now, more than ever, the work of artists and cultural workers is essential to realizing a just, multiracial democracy. Culture is how we stir hearts and minds. It is how we develop the empathy, awareness, and solidarity to sustain our movement for a just, multiracial democracy for decades to come. As bell hooks says: The function of art is to do more than tell it like it is – it's to imagine what is possible." 

Because of this, at GARE, we know that government racial equity practitioners embedded in arts and culture offices, or those that incorporate the arts within their program and service delivery are essential in the movement. They are bridges and catalysts connecting community and sparking critical conversations. From supporting connections in the GARE Online Community, to co-creating the Cultural Week of Action, to incorporating artists in each of our signature events, GARE is working to support this essential segment of government.  

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