Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves Volume 2: Notes on our new look and feel

By Nadia Mohamed posted 27 days ago


GARE adopted a new look and feel to reflect this new chapter of the network’s identity. GARE’s new visual identity reflects dynamism, transformation and movement towards a brighter future.  

Many visual representations of government feature static seals and buildings. We engaged racial equity practitioners through in-put forms, as well as during meetings. Our practitioners were interested in seeing a representation of government that felt markedly different. They wanted to see a symbol that embodied the transformational work they do every day in government. Racial equity practitioners reflected that they were most drawn towards imagery that reflected dynamism, humanity, and directional elements.  

To that end, GARE’s new logo is made up of 3 major symbols: the circle, seal, or “G”, a horizon, and the two waves. For some, this same image can evoke an image of a person with arms outstretched pulling a “G” towards the horizon. Altogether, the logo mark evokes a horizon line, moving towards change and envisioning a better future. 

Additional elements that define our new visual identity are wave patterns and color gradients, or the gradual transition of one-color hue to the next. Wave patterns harken to our network identity – as a membership network of 400+ government jurisdictions, we understand that our journeys are unique, and yet bound together, moving towards a shared vision of a just, multiracial democracy. Together, these elements connote fluidity, movement, and change.